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Today the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta announces the establishment of the Cor Van Raay Endowment Fund. Van Raay, a leading Canadian cattle producer and the founder of Cor Van Raay Farms, established a Donor Advised Fund, which means Van Raay will choose which charities and causes he wishes to see his fund support.

“I heard about the Community Foundation and I like what it does for the community,” said Van Raay, “I see the opportunity to establish a fund as a great way to work with the Community Foundation and see what we can do together to support the community.”

A prominent local philanthropist, Van Raay was recognized for his generosity throughout Southwestern Alberta in 2017 with a National Philanthropy Day, Inspiring Philanthropy Award. This award recognizes and celebrates philanthropists who give freely to make a positive impact on the community. Van Raay was nominated for this award by the Lethbridge College after he donated $5 million to establish the Cor Van Raay Southern Alberta Agribusiness Program, a joint program offered by the college and the university that will focus on agriculture-related education opportunities.

We are absolutely delighted to be able to work with Cor and are very excited to see which initiatives he chooses to support. Cor’s gifts to this community are significant, and they will change lives for generations to come. With an endowment fund, his generosity will continue forever. For us to be able to play a role in his tremendous legacy really is a privilege.

The Community Foundation extends its gratitude to Van Raay for his support of the community through its work.